Sunray Pro Wrestling Card for Dec. 13th., 2019

Sunray advanced
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      After 10 plus years Sunray Pro Wrestling is back!!
      Our first event will fill the open Heavyweight Championship,
      the open Tag Team Championship
      and the newly created Intergender Tag Team Championship.

      Sunray Heavyweight Championship 
          Steve Madison vs Deon James

      4 Way battle for the Tag Team Championship
       Critical Mayham vs  Kiss it vs Reg Legion vs
                  Kwame Nas & Josh Dawkins

      Intergender Tag Team Championship
             Infamous  vs

      10 way X-treme X-mas tree match
      10 competitors compete in a hardcore match with 
      weapons wrapped under the Christmas Tree

      Jerell vs Ali       Chasyn vs Remi

     Other wrestlers for Dec. 13th
      Jimmy Taylor - Jake Shadows - Mike Rees - Christian Mills - Gia Roman - Sofia Castillo